Disrupting technologies are evolving rapidly and opening doors to the digital world. As we build those new realities, companies innovate to create an environment where Virtual Humans and 3D characters come to life. Moka Studio is on a mission to:

  • Reproduce the human movement and realistically give life to our real body
  • Give Virtual Humans full control over the digital world
  • Enable smooth lifelike interaction of 3D characters in real-time

With our unique technology, we are at the forefront of creating new realities in our image

Moka Studio received two R&D governmental grants

NumIK was presented at Siggraph 2016

Moka Studio, in collaboration with EPFL, has created a powerful technology – NumIK – that delivers high-quality animations of 3D characters in real-time.

NumIK Features



The solutions we are developing with NumIK are easy to use and apply. The technology replicates complex human movements with easy and clear software solutions.


NumIK is accurate and precise. The technology controls the movement of any 3D characters and delivers more lifelike interactions with the digital world in real-time.


NumIK can control any type of task required to animate 3D characters. NumIK’s influence over the digital human is total allowing to reproduce real human movement.

NumIK is unique and can animate any type of 3D characters. Whether the 3D character is human, has 3 heads, multiples tentacles, wings or paws, our technology can easily bring it to life in real-time.


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