Main Features


Mosketch™ supports FBX file format. Import your FBX 3D model, animate it inside Mosketch™, then export the animation as an FBX file.

Thanks to FBX, Mosketch™ fully interoperates with well-known software like Maya, 3DSMax, Unity, Cinema4D, etc.

Mosketch™ imports the following information from an FBX file:

  • Meshes
  • Joints
  • Skinning weights
  • Textures
  • Lights

Mosketch™ uses FBX as well to export animation data, allowing full compatibility with other 3D software and game engines.

Mosketch™ also uses a native file format MOSK that loads and saves all needed information (user settings, character, bones, animation, skin weights, etc).

Touch UI

(Manipulating the camera in Mosketch™ with a Wacom Cintiq 24HD)

Mosketch™ supports touch-enabled devices such as Wacom Intuos and Wacom Cintiq. You can use your fingers to navigate in the 3D scene while sketching with the other hand.

Zooming, orbiting and panning the camera with a touch user-interface is really intuitive:

  • Drag 2 fingers to zoom the camera
  • Drag 3 fingers to orbit the camera
  • Drag 4 fingers to pan the camera

This touch user-interface provides a much better sense of immersion and helps the artists to focus on what really matters: creating 3D character animation.


(Sketching allows for quick posing)

In Mosketch™, artists sketch on the character joints directly. This provides new means to quickly pose a 3D character. Sketching supports the following features:

  • Sketching while keeping the joints' depth
  • Sketching on a plane
  • Sketching lines of action

Thanks to sketching, Mosketch™ helps artists to block an animation and establish a good timing from the start.

GPU IK Solver

(Computing Inverse Kinematics on the GPU offers much better performance)

The Mosketch™ state of the art GPU IK algorithm is mathematically involved, but it offers many advantages compared to existing analytical solvers:

  • It can control tens of joints at the same time
  • It stays as close to a user-defined reference pose as possible
  • It supports translational and rotational constraints
  • It gracefully handles conflicts between tasks using priority
  • The artists can create, edit and delete IK chains at run time
  • The artists can decide, at run time, to change an IK chain influence

The Mosketch™ IK solver runs on the GPU. This offers maximum performance even when controlling complex characters with many joints and in complex scenarios.

3D Viewport

(Mosketch™ 3D viewport)

Mosketch™ embeds a 3D engine supporting the following features:

  • Normal mapping
  • Specular mapping
  • Multi-materials or textured models
  • Real-time shadows (using Poisson filtering)
  • Unlimited directional, point and spot lights
  • Anti-aliasing

Embedded playblast allows artists to generate preview videos in WEBM open format.

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